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Friends Only!

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I looked. Couldn't help myself because it was Harry Potter.
tisk tisk tisk!

hmmmm...your forgiven, just cuz, well, it's harry potter.
i want to add you. is that okay? tell me if not. =)
add me back if you feel like it.
awwwwww of course ill add you! no worries! hehe!
Hey there. Well I'm pretty new here, so mind if I add you?

Lol. I love Ed Westwick.
of course not!

ill add you back! :)

(i love hime more! ;))

Your userpics are amazing. You make them yourself?
*blushes* ya i do! thanks so much!

i love the coloring on your Hayley icon! her hair looks almost painted! :)

Deleted comment

aww! thank you!

and for sure you can add me! :)

Deleted comment

me's good. howz youz?

lol! who is that in your icon?


he looks hot.

Deleted comment


7 years ago

Deleted comment


7 years ago

You know why you should add me?
1. I'm awesome.
2. I will haunt you if you don't accept me.
3. I'm your Serena;)

ILY Sawsan:D
now chrissy.....


omgomgomgomg, new page?

whats the occasion????????????????
I hated my old name?:P

Deleted comment

I am so confused. XD
HAI :D @JungKrystal here
Hey hey~ :)
i love books, tv shows, movies, HARRY POTTER!!!, music, kpop, shinee.. i think you sound quite interesting. wanna be friends? :)
ooh! fun friendship! =) friends it is!!!
Yeah, i'll add you :)