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It's the start of break! That means I get to be on more, and no school! Though, I'm still freaking out, my chemistry grade is not up yet... *stares at school site* Ugh... I'm not looking forward to the grade coming up, but I'm having nightmares over it and I want it to be over...


KPOP this year was so dry... SHINee... Where the heck have you been?! (As in, get back to Korea and make me a new Korean song!) And what happened to SS501 coming back in December?! December is almost over! And nothing! I'm not amused!

I would say that U-KISS did fantastic this year, but you sucked out my brains when you lost two of my favorite members. *shakes head* I'm not amused.

To my new friends! Hello! Hi! What's up?! I'll point you to the direction of my icon community: thepurplelily, because I am horrible... In other news, I shall update with moar! Be patient. ^^

Uhhhhhhh. Merry Christmas? I'm not Christian... Still ^^;;

Till next time!
Tags: winter break, yay!
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i so want shinee to have some korean songs instead of the japanese ones x_x

what's your religion? i'm catholic on the paper but that's it XD i'm not a religious or believing person, anyway...

btw wth happenend to the comment box? Oo
Japanese songs are not in my taste of music... Lucifer in japanese was horrible @.@

Ahhh. I'm Muslim, practicing and everything ^^

MERRY CHRISTMAS THOUGH! Did you get anything good?

Oooh, LJ likes to mess around with it's layout... It's not that bad actually. I like the whole icon thing! I wish they had it when you post a entry though, it would make things easier.
i love japanese and some japanese bands, but i don't like it when korean artists sing in japanese. at least not if it's just about covering korean songs. i like big bang's or tvxq's stuff, but shinee's cover songs, or 2ne1's or super junior's or whatever are just horrible X_X i heard that there will be a korean comeback from shinee in february?!

yeah i got a lot of great presents, just posted an entry about it XD

i love the user pic function :D
Happy Holidays =D That is what I usually say because I'm not christian either =P

SS501...I'm still waiting for you guys. AND SHINEE NEEDS TO FUCKING GET BACK TO KOREA. THANKS.
Ahhhh, good one XD

SS501 is a lost cause, I think... SERIOUSLY. THEY DO NOT BELONG IN JAPAN.
I know I'm a bit late but Happy Holidays! :)