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Ba dum. Ba dum. Ba dum ba dum ba dum ba dum ba duuuuum, badadadum.

Hey everyoneeeeeeeeeee~~~~

I just wanted to quick-remind/tell my new friends about my icon community ^^ I met some of you on there, some of you guys might not know it, but I'm very proud of it, and I wanted to share it with you all!

Basically, I like to make icons, which really, you can only use on livejournal. I mean, you can use it on tumblr, but the size and details won't show, it's really annoying...

Yeah, tumblr isn't really for small graphics like icons. I do big graphics too, hence, my layout, but on this community, you'll mostly see icons.

The lilies on the header of the community were drawn by my frieeendddd! I colored it in on photoshop, something I've never really done before. But I love how it turned out!

Anyway, yeah, the LJ community is called thepurplelily! I seriously am the worst, because I pimp it up so much. But what's wrong with a little advertisement? A point of a community is for people to seeeee my work ^^

Hmmm. Yeah! Here's a little preview for taste:

And yeaaah, I do always use those purple boxes. I think it matches my theme!  I know, people don't usually put boxes on the top, it might lose attention from the icon, but who caaaares. It's cute, and I love it.

Anyway. The name. thepurplelily. My favorite color is purple. And my name translates to lily. *nods* I wanted the_purple_lily at first... But that's stupid, and my friend practically forced me to try and get it, but it was taken. So, I stuck with no underscores, because I hate underscores. But she said it looked like hfjdankdanfkdanf. I don't think it looks like ankfadskfnd. Maybe if you're illiterate, it's going to look like nfjadfnda. Me and her are not friends anymore. lol. XD

So, yeah! Go on thepurplelily, delete all your icons, replace with mine, and all is right with the world! XD You know I'm just kidding, some of you guys like TVXQ and Super Junior, icons of which I do not make. Just because... They are not my favorite kind of bands, what can I say? I started getting into Mirotic after DBSK broke up. It was a bit too late to start being a fan after that.

Anyway... I'm starting to get off topic... GO GO GO GO GO! You don't hafta wach and join, but you know. You can. You should. *stares you down*. ^^

Andddd enjoy!
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